Single quad. ZQ, 3100, SQD, SQD 2. 

Triple Quad. Quattro Micro LC, Quattro Micro GC, Quattro Ultima Family, TQD, Xevo TQMS, Xevo TQ-S, Xevo TQ-XS

Time of Flight Systems.  LCT / GCT “classic”, LCT/GCT Premier, Qtof Micro, Xevo Qtof MS, Xevo G2 Qtof, Xevo G2-S Qtof, Synapt G2 HDMS, Synapt G2si HDMS.

Inlets. Alliance 2695 / 2795, Acquity UPLC, Acquity H-class, Acquity I-class, Nano Acquity, Mclass Acquity,  2777 CTC PAL inc. Headspace

Detectors.  996 / 2996 / 2998 PDA, 2487 TUV, Acquity PDA/ TUV / ELSD / FLR.

Pumps.  515, 600, 1500 series, 717, 2707.

Autopurification Systems.  2525, 2545, 2767, CFO, SFO


Agilent. 5973/5975 MSD Series, 1100, 1200, 1260, 1290 HPLC. 6890 / 7890 GC with autosamplers.



Thermo.  Thermo TSQ Triple Quad, LCQ and LXQ Ion Trap Instruments

– Thermo Exactive and QExactive Instruments
– Thermo LTQ and LTQ Orbitrap
– Thermo DSQ, DSQ II and ISQ GC-MS instrument, Thermo TSQ8000, TSQ9000 GC-MSMS

AB Sciex

AB/Sciex. API Quad and Triple Quad Instruments.

– AB/Sciex QTrap family, QStar and Triple ToF family Hybrid Instruments