PREMIUM 2ml Clear vials including Caps/Septa (pk100)

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Suitable for ALL Waters and Agilent Instruments.

Pack of 100 x 2ml Vials
Clear Short Thread Vial,
with Write-on Spot,
9mm Thread,
Dimensions 11.6*32mm

Made from Premium Type 1 Borisilcate glass. Borosilicate glass
must contain at least 5 % boric oxide. Boric oxide helps make
the glass more tolerant of higher temperatures and corrosion.

Type 1 will provide you with the best overall performance
inclusive of lower pH shifts, temperatures above 100 °C, and
greater resistance to a range of matrices containing water,
acids, and most organic substances.
• Type 1 clear borosilicate glass 5.0 can have a  coefficient
of Thermal expansion of <5E-6 K-1 (20~300C) Good for test and save samples.

Includes Pack of 100 Septa and caps

Pre-slit Septa for use with Waters Acquity UPLC and also suitable for all other major manufacturers instruments.

White PTFE/White Silicone Septa,
9mm blue Short Screw
Polypropylene Cap,
6mm Centre Hole