Services and Repair

Our competence is the service of MS, LC, GC instrumentation. We service instruments from a variety of manufacturers including Waters and Agilent. Our list below is non-exhaustive so if your instrument model is not listed please get in touch!

Our Service Capabilities


597x Series / 7000 Series GCMS

6890/7890/8860/8890 GC

1100/1200/1220/1260/1290 HPLC


ZQ / EMD1000 / ZMD / LCZ


Platform LC / Quattro Family

​Xevo TQ / Xevo TQD / Xevo TQ-S


Alliance / Acquity HPLC

Xevo Q-ToF Series / Synapt Series


PE Clarus / PE Turbomass


Peak Scientific / Swiss Gas Gas Generators

Qualification Services

After service qualify your analytical instruments with a proven, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software package.

V:Kit products are designed by experts to provide effective, consistent and compliant solutions for analytical instrument qualification. Our protocols and procedures, certified tools and reference materials are integrated into the V:Kit software platform. Field service teams, multi-vendor and OEM and analytical laboratories worldwide are benefiting from the harmonised qualification approach of V:Kit.

Choose from protocols for HPLC/UPLC, LCMS and MS/MS, GC and GCMS, Dissolution, UV-Vis and other analytical techniques. Work with the tests, setpoint and limits set by pharmacopeia, or by regulatory agencies, by OEMs or define your own.

  • Create, manage, and distribute secure, version controlled executable qualification protocols directly linked to Standard Operating Procedures and Certificates of Analysis.
  • Generate comprehensive qualification reports with full traceability.
  • Manage your Analytical Equipment database.
  • Share qualification results and protocols with your team. User account management with password expiry and security roles.
  • Electronic Signatures, Audit Trail, Deviation Reporting.
  • Suitable for paperless submissions.
Getting in touch