Refund and Returns Policy

Terms and Conditions:
Only work specified in the quote is included. Any additional work will be quoted separately.
Engineer visit dates given are held in the diary for 5 working days and will be removed if acceptance of the date offered is not received from the Customer.

A product order accepted by Seller may be cancelled only before delivery of the goods and only with the consent of Seller upon terms
that Buyer will indemnify Seller against any loss incurred.

In the event of the Customer either cancelling or postponing the engineer call out, we may charge a fee dependant on how much notice
is given:-
Less than 3 working days before the scheduled work was due to start is 50% of quote plus any non refundable travel costs (flights,
train tickets, hotels)

In no case are products to be returned without first obtaining the consent of the Seller. Only unused products which have been invoiced
by the Seller within 30 days will be considered for return.
The product that a customer wishes to return unused may only be returned if the package seal/security seal has not been broken.
Approval is subject to the following exclusions:
– Physical damage to the product because of misuse or abuse.
– Damage to the product because of use with incompatible solvents or use at incorrect temperatures or pressure.
– Failure or decreased performance as a consequence of normal use.
– For expendable items such as filament devices, panel lights, fuses, batteries, filters, and seals if such items were operable at the time
of initial use.
– Any instrument, maintenance or repair part that has been repaired by others, improperly installed, altered, or damaged in any way.
All returns shall be subject to the pre authorization and may require a payment by the buyer of a 20% restocking charge plus shipping
Products must be securely packed to reach the Seller without damage. Products must be returned using tracked and insured couriers.

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