About Us

We are an independent mass spectrometer service company. Based at Alderley Park, Cheshire and offering a UK wide service for instrument service/repair, sales and technical support.  Specialists in instruments manufactured by Waters. 

We service and repair a wide selection of mass specs and associated inlets.

Ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC), Acquity classic/ H-class / I-class/ M-class/ Acquity premier / Acquity Arc. 

Quadrupole time of flight Mass spec. (Qtof’s) Models:  Synapt G2/ G2S / G2Si.  Xevo G2/G2S/ G2XS Qtof’s. 

Time of Flight (TOF’s) Xevo G2 TOF, LCT classic, LCT premier, GCT classic, GCT premier. 

Triple quad Mass spec.  Models: Quattro premier XE / TQD / Xevo TQMS / TQS / TQXS. 

If you have a repair or servicing query,  please contact us.

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